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Oral Hygiene Basics: 7 Tips For Keeping Your Teeth and Gums Shining And Healthy

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Everyone who knows good oral care knows it’s important to brush and floss daily, but did you know that you can do a few other things to keep your teeth and gums healthy? Keeping your mouth clean is key, no matter how old you are. Plaque can accumulate and eventually harden into tartar without proper brushing and flossing. Not only is this painful, but it can also cause gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath.

Don't Let Poor Oral Health Get In The Way Of Living Your Best Life

You get only one set of permanent adult teeth, so it’s critical to be diligent in your oral care routine to avoid cavities, infections, and gum disease. To maintain optimal oral health, we recommend that our patients visit us for professional teeth cleaning every six months. During these appointments, we will remove any plaque buildup or tartar, so your smile stays sparkling and healthy!

While you wait for your appointment at True Dental Care Of Bloomfield, here are some things you can do at home to keep your mouth healthy. To schedule an appointment, call us at 862-285-9066.

1. Make Sure You're Brushing Your Teeth The Correct Way!

We believe it is important to not only brush our teeth correctly but to also pay attention as to how frequently we brush them. A soft toothbrush is critical to avoid gum irritation and enamel erosion. People mistakenly think that only a hard toothbrush can clean teeth, but this isn’t true.

Brushing your teeth doesn’t need to be difficult or complex. As long as you use a soft toothbrush and brush in a circular pattern, starting at the gum line and working towards the center of your mouth, you’ll clean your teeth correctly without damaging them.

Brush your teeth in small quadrants and brush each section for a minimum of thirty seconds to remove food particles, bacteria, and plaque. The optimal brushing technique involves applying even pressure without being too aggressive. Additionally, fluoride toothpaste provides extra protection against cavities.

It’s best to brush your teeth three times a day – when you wake up, after lunch, and before going to bed. This way, you can avoid damaging your teeth and gums from too much brushing. Also, replace your toothbrush frequently – at least every three months or if the bristles are frayed or stained and smell bad.

2. Don't Risk Your Teeth & Gums - Floss!

Daily flossing is essential for everyone, and we make sure our patients at True Dental Care Of Bloomfield are informed. Our dental hygienists would be more than happy to clean your teeth and remove any plaque or bacteria that may have built up, especially in hard-to-reach places. If you live in the Bloomfield area and haven’t been to the dentist yet, please schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

You must floss daily to remove food particles and plaque between your teeth. If you don’t remove them, plaque and tartar can develop into gum disease, which is uncomfortable and dangerous to your oral and overall health.

To avoid gum disease, it’s important to floss every day. If you find traditional string floss difficult to use or dislike the process, try a disposable plastic flossing tool instead. These make it easy to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

3. Get Healthy Gums With The Right Mouthwash!

Use a sugar-free mouthwash to avoid feeding bacteria. We also recommend using fluoride mouthwash since it will help kill any lingering bacteria and strengthen your teeth. Rinse your mouth with mouthwash after meals, drinking a soda, or consuming coffee.  Try carrying a small bottle of mouthwash with you throughout the day.

Despite how easy it is to rinse your mouth, many people neglect this part of their oral care routine. At our dentist’s office in Bloomfield, NJ, we want to remind our patients that rinsing helps reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease—both problems that can easily be avoided with better habits.

4. Learn How To Prevent Tooth Decay, The Right Way

Our top priority is to help patients keep their teeth clean so tooth decay cannot form. When plaque builds up and remains on teeth, the acidic properties gradually eat away at the enamel. However, if teeth are regularly cleaned and the plaque is removed, then tooth decay will not be given an opportunity to develop.

Accordingly, while you’re at home, make sure to brush and floss after every meal. If you don’t have anything with you, rinse your mouth out with water. This will help remove any loose food particles or sugar on your teeth. It would be best if you also ate a balanced diet since everything we consume makes contact with our teeth.

5. Fluoride Treatments: What You Need to Know?

Here at True Dental Care Of Bloomfield, we are a family dentist office that uses fluoride regularly. We suggest that patients younger than eighteen have a fluoride treatment at least once yearly to lower their cavities risk by 30%.

Considering that tooth decay is one of the top reasons why kids miss school, getting fluoride treatment can be extremely beneficial. If you’re wondering whether or not this procedure is right for you, call us at 862-285-9066 to schedule an appointment today. The entire process takes mere minutes and involves applying the fluoride directly to your teeth—it’s completely odorless. After just a few short minutes, patients are free to leave! Fluoride treatments are one of the simplest ways to prevent cavities from forming altogether.

6. Not Sure Which Toothbrush Is Best For You? Here's A Comprehensive Guide To Help You Make The Right Decision.

For the best results, use the toothbrush we give you at each appointment for three months before replacing it. Opt for a soft brush to spare your gums and teeth any irritation or damage when purchasing a new one. We also recommend a battery-operated or electric toothbrush since they provide the best cleaning. The toothbrush head rotates while you are moving the brush around, breaking up more plaque for cleaner teeth.

7. Find Out Which Food And Drinks To Avoid

Excessive sugar intake is terrible for your teeth, so we suggest avoiding soda, juice, coffee, and other sugary drinks. It would help if you also steered clear of candy, desserts, and sour candy. These sugary foods and drinks lead to plaque buildup, tooth decay, and cavities.

Furthermore, acidic fruit can also affect your teeth. When you consume a lot of sugar and starch, it provides the perfect environment for bacteria to grow on your teeth. At the same time, eating foods with high acidity levels will cause tooth enamel to thin out.

Instead, opt for water or milk as your go-to beverage. A diet rich in green leafy vegetables, lean protein, dairy, and nuts can help remineralize and strengthen your teeth– something we at True Dental Care Of Bloomfield highly recommend. These healthier choices will not only benefit your teeth but also support a balanced and healthy diet overall.

Remember, taking care of your teeth is more than just brushing and flossing—it involves watching what you eat and drink as well. At True Dental Care Of Bloomfield, we want to help our patients maintain strong and healthy smiles for years to come. Contact us today for any questions about oral hygiene or to schedule an appointment for a cleaning at 862-285-9066. Let’s work together to prevent cavities and other dental problems!

Final Thoughts

At True Dental Care of Bloomfield, we provide an array of services to ensure that your oral hygiene needs are constantly being met. No matter if you need something as simple as a teeth cleaning or checkup, or something more complex like dental surgery, we are equipped and happy to help keep your smile looking its best.

Above all, True Dental Care knows that not every mouth is the same, so they take the time to listen to your concerns and communicate with you personally. If you’re on the lookout for an optimal dental care solution, True Dental Care of Bloomfield is the answer to your oral hygiene needs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At True Dental Care of Bloomfield, we remind our patients that it is critical to floss on a daily basis. If you live in the Bloomfield area and have not been to the dentist lately, we invite you to schedule an appointment so that we can clean your teeth and remove the plaque and bacteria from hard to reach places. Afterward, it is up to you to floss on a daily basis to remove food particles and plaque from in between your teeth. If they remain in place, you can develop gum disease which is both uncomfortable and dangerous to your oral and overall health. Gum disease occurs when plaque forms underneath the gum line and not flossing can lead to this. If you do not particularly enjoy flossing, buy a plastic flossing tool that you can hold and throw away once done. This makes it easier to get the job done.

Our team prevents tooth decay every day by helping our patients to have clean and healthy teeth. Tooth decay starts when plaque is left on the teeth, and the acid inside of it starts to eat away at the enamel. Keeping teeth clean by removing plaque, therefore, prevents tooth decay. Simultaneously, at home you can continue to brush your teeth and floss after meals. If you do not have anything with you, rinse your mouth with water. This will help to remove some of the loose food particles that may be in your mouth or to remove some of the sugar from your teeth. You should also eat a healthy diet since everything that you eat is directly placed onto your teeth.

Patients of our general dentist office are given a toothbrush at each visit. We recommend that you use it for three months and then replace it. When purchasing a toothbrush, look for a soft one that will not irritate your gums or erode your enamel. Otherwise, we suggest a battery operated or electric toothbrush since they can give you the best clean. The toothbrush head rotates while you are moving the brush around, helping you to break up more plaque for the cleanest possible teeth.

In our dental office, we believe in the importance of patient education. We take the time to speak with each patient and discuss ways that they can improve their oral health. This may involve us demonstrating how to brush teeth correctly, floss or discuss dietary changes that can strengthen teeth. For example, many people do not know that acidic foods are bad for teeth and can directly lead to erosion and a loss of enamel. Simultaneously, diary products, nuts and crunchy vegetables can actually help to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. These are the types of things that we discuss in our dental office so that patients can improve their oral health between visits. If you live in or around the Bloomfield area, we recommend that you schedule teeth cleanings for twice a year. When you do, feel free to discuss any concerns that you have and ask for tips for keeping your teeth and gums healthier.

In the past, there were not as many options for treating or restoring teeth. Fortunately, technology has revolutionized dentistry, and there are now a variety of options for treating all types of oral health concerns. Gone are the days where teeth were pulled on a regular basis. Now, the majority of damaged or infected teeth can be saved when treated early enough. Simultaneously, if teeth do fall out there are a variety of procedures for replacing them that go well beyond removable dentures.

If you have had dental work done in the past or are currently wearing dentures and are not satisfied with the results, schedule an appointment with True Dental Care of Bloomfield. Our dental procedures use the latest in dental technology allowing us to improve the appearance and functionality of former restorations. For example, we can replace old metal fillings or crowns with tooth-colored ones for a more natural appearance. We can also treat teeth that have had a bonding procedure in the past, if the material is now looking old and dated.

We can make each restoration blend in with the surrounding teeth. Whether replacing an old crown or fixing a recently damaged tooth, the tooth will look fantastic once complete and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish the difference between the natural teeth and the restoration. There are multiple types of dental work we can use to accomplish this goal including dental veneers and dental crowns. Those who want to replace a tooth may benefit from a dental bridge, dental implants or modern dentures instead. Regardless of what procedure is necessary, we will ensure that it is completed to perfection.

If you are looking for a Bloomfield dentist that can prevent infections, treat them, and beautifully restore or transform your smile; we offer all of those solutions as part of our dental work. If you live or work near the Bloomfield area, we invite you to call 862-285-9066 and schedule an appointment. During your initial examination, we will inspect your teeth and gums to determine if there are any cavities or if an infection is present. Early detection is important since it allows us to provide treatment before you experience any discomfort. Unlike other physical ailments that may not manifest until you are in pain, oral health problems show signs along the way. When we see those signs, we can prevent you from getting a full-blown infection by providing early treatment. For this reason, we recommend that you schedule a dental exam twice a year.

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