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Safeguard Your Smile With Mouth Guards: The Ultimate Protection

Your smile is one of your greatest assets. It’s how you greet the world and how the world greets you back. Unfortunately, our teeth are not as strong as we would like them to be. They can be chipped, cracked, or even broken if we are not careful.

You may think that only athletes need mouth guards, but the truth is that anyone who participates in any type of recreational activity with a risk of contact to the face should be wearing one. In short, a mouth guard is the ultimate protection for your smile.

A healthy smile is something that everyone deserves. Mouth guards are an excellent way to protect our teeth from damage. They are made from strong, durable materials that can withstand a lot of force. Mouth guards can also be custom-fit to your mouth, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit. Not only do they protect your teeth, but they also help to prevent concussions by absorbing impact and redirecting force away from your head.

With so many benefits, it is no wonder that mouth guards are becoming more and more popular. Whether you’re playing sports, grinding your teeth at night, or simply want to reduce the risk of gum disease, mouth guards are an excellent way to keep your smile looking its best. So don’t wait – find the right mouth guard for you and start protecting your smile today!

Get A Safe And Custom Fit For Your Mouth In Bloomfield, NJ

At True Dental Care Of Bloomfield, we provide dental services for the entire family. We have mouth guards for both children and adults. At our office, we prioritize understanding your wants and needs. Our number one recommendation is to always start with keeping your teeth healthy. Unfortunately, accidents leading to dental trauma are not uncommon – luckily, a mouth guard helps protect your teeth.

To keep your teeth healthy and strong, we suggest you visit our Bloomfield, NJ, dental office

at least twice a year for routine teeth cleanings. By keeping your teeth free of decay or infection, they will be stronger and less likely to become damaged in an accident. You can schedule an appointment by calling (862) 285-9066.

Make Sure Your Smile Stays Bright With Our Extra Protection For Your Teeth!

Although healthy teeth are more resistant to damage, they are not impervious. Wearing a mouthguard is an effective way to defend against sports-related dental injuries. Several types of mouth guards are available on the market, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

One-size-fits-all mouth guards purchased at the store but they may be ill-fitting and  uncomfortable and a potential hazard if they come loose and fall out when you need them most.

A better solution is to purchase a kit that requires you to boil the guard and then fit it to your teeth, thus ensuring a snug, comfortable fit.

Moreover, a store-bought mouth guard might not fit well because it wasn’t made specifically for you. At our office, we take measurements and make an impression of your mouth so that a mouth guard can be created in the lab to the exact specifications of your teeth.

At True Dental Care Of Bloomfield, we know how important it is to protect your teeth while playing sports. That’s why we specialize in mouth guards that will do just that!

What Is The Appearance Of A Mouth Guard?

In a nutshell, the average mouth guard is designed to keep your teeth from grinding at night. It typically looks like a retainer. Many of our Bloomfield patients have concerns about how a mouthguard will affect their appearance or whether it will be cumbersome.

We understand it’s common to feel this way because most of us want to appear like we’re not weighed down by too much “equipment”. Fortunately, our mouth guards are transparent and will not be noticeable. If you put it in when no one is looking, it is unlikely that anyone will notice your mouth guard during practice or a game.

Not only will our Bloomfield dental office devise a mouthguard tailored to fit you perfectly, but we can also make it in any color you like. If the store-bought mouthguards have been deterring you or your child from using one because of their unflattering colors, come see us and get fitted for your comfortable custom-colored guard.

There Are Many Reasons Why Someone Might Choose To Wear A Mouth Guard.

Most people don’t realize how common it is to get injured in the mouth or face while playing sports. While some games, like football, require players to wear guards, others, such as basketball, do not. Mouth guards are mainly necessary when participating in activities with a collision risk.

Because of this, basketball players have a high rate of injury. The American Dental Association states that the hazard of sustaining an injury is 1.6 to 1.9 times higher if you are not wearing a mouthguard while playing.

Dental mouth guards are highly effective in preventing injuries. The ADA estimates that 200,000 injuries are prevented annually by wearing one of these small, simple devices. If you reside in Bloomfield and want to keep your child safe, getting them a mouth guard is an easy way to do so.

What Are Some Of The Risks Associated With Not Using A Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards not only safeguard your teeth and jaws from trauma, but they can also prevent concussion. If you don’t wear a mouthguard while playing sports, you’re in danger of chipping or breaking your teeth and sustaining other injuries to the soft tissue in your mouth.

At True Dental Care Of Bloomfield, we strongly suggest that patients wear mouth guards when playing organized sports or the weekly pick-up basketball game.

If you don’t wear a mouth guard, you increase your risk of breaking, cracking, or chipping your teeth, or even losing them altogether if you get hit in the face with a ball or elbowed.

In addition, if the blow is strong enough, a tooth could be pushed up into the gums or penetrate through the cheek or lips. This can cause immense pain and require emergency dental care.

Why Should I Have A Mouth Guard Made By My Dentist?

Primarily, dentist-made mouthguards are created to fit your teeth perfectly, making them more comfortable than store-bought brands. You also get to pick the color of your dentist-made mouth guard!

Come to our dental office in Bloomfield, New Jersey, to be fitted for a mouth guard. We take your measurements, examine your mouth, and make an imprint of your teeth so we can create a mouthguard tailored just for you. Your device will be completely customized and immobile, no matter how active you are.

Above all, our dental office provides high-quality mouthguards that are perfect for sports. Playing sports can be tough, but with one of our mouthguards, you’ll have the protection you need.

Do The Price Fit Your Budget?

Yes! At our office, we can create custom mouth guards that fit perfectly and are affordable for your family. Custom-made guards are often more expensive than those you would find in a store, but they offer better protection for your teeth and may save you money in the long run.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Mouth Guards?

After participating in sports or other active activities, it’s important to clean your mouth guard. The best way to do this is to brush it with a toothbrush after each use. Rinse it with lukewarm water as soon as you remove it, and keep it in a safe case. When you’re at home, brush it lightly with a toothbrush to clean away any leftover debris.

Avoid hot water as it can warp the shape of the guard, and never put it in the dishwasher as that will cause damage. It’s also important to store your mouth guard in a hard, plastic container, so it doesn’t get misplaced or damaged.

Usually toothpaste shouldn’t be used since it can be abrasive. If you would rather use a specific cleaning solution, let us know, and we’ll help you find one that fits your needs out of the countless available options.

Final Thoughts

At True Dental Care of Bloomfield, we take oral health seriously and understand the importance of protecting your smile. That’s why we offer custom mouth guards to our patients for both athletes and non-athletes alike.

Whether you’re looking for something to wear during practices or games or simply want to guard against teeth grinding at night, we can help. Our mouth guards are made from high-quality materials and are designed to provide a comfortable, snug fit. These mouth guards also allow you to breathe and speak normally while wearing them. Best of all, our mouth guards are affordable and can be used over and over again.

We also offer a wide range of customization options, so you can choose the perfect color, style, and fit for your needs. Most importantly, our prices are very competitive, and we offer various payment options to suit your budget. With our experienced staff and state-of-the-art facilities, we’ll ensure your smile stays healthy for years to come.

If you’re looking for a dental practice that offers the best mouth guards in Bloomfield, New Jersey, look no further than True Dental Care of Bloomfield. We are your one-stop shop for all of your mouthguard needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our services!

To Learn More About Mouth Guards Or To Book An Appointment Call Our Friendly Staff At 862-285-9066


Primarily, mouth guards are necessary when practicing or playing sports. Most people (especially adults) do not realize how common it is to sustain a face or mouth injury during a sports game. While certain sports like football are notorious for requiring players to wear guards, others, like basketball, are not. As a result, basketball players have a high rate of injury. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, the risk of sustaining an injury is 1.6 to 1.9 times higher when not wearing a mouth guard. Dental mouth guards are so effective at preventing injuries that the ADA estimates, 200,000 of them are prevented every year by wearing this small and simple device. If you are a Bloomfield parent looking to keep your child safe, getting them a mouth guard is an easy way to do so.

Once you have made the decision to protect yourself, the best thing to do is to schedule an appointment with our Bloomfield, NJ dental office. We can examine you, take measurements, make an impression and have your custom mouth guard created. As a result, you will have a device that has been made to your exact specifications so that it will remain in place no matter how fast you run, how high you jump or how hard you hit the ball. Playing sports can be rough and requires all of your energy. You need a mouth guard that can stand up to those demands. When you visit our dental office, that is exactly what you will get.

We recommend taking them out and rinsing them immediately after you are done wearing them. You should keep your guard in a safe case, and then when you are home, brush it with a soft toothbrush and lukewarm water. This is the best way to ensure plaque does not build up on it. You typically should not use toothpaste since paste can be abrasive. If you would prefer a special cleaning solution, let us know, and we will make a recommendation as to what is available on the market at that time.

While many parents will invest in a store-bought mouth guard, they may not realize the risk. With store-bought mouth guards, the mouth guard will not be a perfect fit for the child’s teeth. Due to the improper fit, a child will face a greater risk of damaging his or her teeth during the sport or game. A professional mouth guard will be a perfect fit to the child’s teeth that will not run the risk of falling out during the game.

Several reasons why a professional mouth guard will be much better than a store-bought brand over the counter include:

  • Less of a chance for the mouth guard falling out on a regular basis
  • The mouth guard will be a comfortable fit for the child
  • Better and more efficient protection for the teeth
  • Made with a more durable yet still completely harmless material

The exact reason you need one will be determined during your dental exam. Typically, they are worn to:

  1. Prevent damage. If you have paid to repair your teeth or have had cosmetic work done to improve your appearance, teeth grinding could reverse all that the work. Even if your teeth have never needed repair, grinding can cause your teeth to chip, crack, or simply wear down. This translates into direct discomfort as the teeth flatten, and your dentin or nerves could become exposed. This can lead to feelings of sensitivity when you eat or drink. If this type of damage continues, you could end up with gum recession and even loose teeth. If you use a night guard, your upper and lower teeth will be unable to grind against each other and the potential damage will be avoided.
  2. Ease discomfort.
    Nighttime teeth grinding can cause severe headaches and tooth pain in the morning. If you are regularly waking up in pain or feeling uncomfortable, this can be a sign that you need to wear a guard while sleeping. At iSmile Dental Care of Bloomfield, we have found that many of our patients feel significantly better after wearing their guard for just a few days. The key is to continue wearing it every night. While some grinding is caused by stress or tension, there is no way to tell exactly what causes people to grind their teeth or to stop the body from attempting it. This is why continued use of the guard is necessary.
  3. Treating TMJ.
    Severe grinding or jaw clenching can lead to TMJ disorder. This can be incredibly uncomfortable, typically starting out as a sore jaw in the morning with the occasional headache. If you experience these symptoms or have face pain, neck pain, or your jaw hurts while eating, call (862) 285-9066 to schedule an appointment with our Bloomfield office right away. It is critical that you treat TMJ early by wearing a night guard and preventing your teeth from clenching or grinding in your sleep. Otherwise, TMJ can become severe. At this stage, some people find it difficult to even open their mouth, let alone eat or speak normally.

If you have ever wondered, “What should I do if I chip my tooth?” this information is good to keep in your back pocket. We always welcome your calls, questions, and visits to our dental office in Bloomfield. This guide should be a reference point, but ultimately, you should still visit the dentist.

  1. Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. This will help remove debris, any surface blood, and reduce the chance of developing an infection.
  2. Place a piece of gauze or a cool rag in your mouth and press on the area that is bleeding. Applying light pressure may also help ease any discomfort being caused by the tooth being chipped and the dentin being exposed. As a family dentist that serves residents of Bloomfield and surrounding areas, we have found this to be particularly useful for helping our young patients take their mind off their discomfort.
  3. You can purchase dental cement at many drugstores and use it to temporarily cover the damaged tooth. As a cosmetic dentist, we prefer to simply treat your tooth and restore it immediately. However, if you are traveling, have a busy day at work, or simply cannot find the time to come in, this is a useful temporary solution. Just be sure to visit iSmile Dental Care of Bloomfield the next day.
  4. Call our cosmetic dental services office at 816-206-8990 and schedule an appointment to be seen as soon as possible. We will do our best to work around your schedule so you can have your tooth restored immediately.

Common Dental Terms Used in Family Dental Terminology

Custom Impression – The custom impression process is more efficient and accurate than other methods because it uses trays that perfectly mimic the patient’s teeth. This provides a better overall experience for the dental professional and the patient.

Dentist – A dentist, more commonly referred to as a dental surgeon, is a medical professional who specializes in diagnosing, preventing, and treating diseases and conditions related to the mouth.

Injection-Molded Mouthguards – Injection-molded mouthguards create a specific fit with molding material that fills available space. Unlike other models, you don’t have to boil this type of mouthguard in hot water.

Laminated Pressure-Formed Mouthguards – Laminated pressure-formed mouthguards are created by high heat and pressure to fit the patient perfectly.

Mandible Fracture – A mandible fracture is a break in the lower jaw that shatters the mandibular bone. Usually, this occurs from some form of impact or trauma.

Oral Trauma – Any damage to your mouth, teeth, or gums is an oral injury. This could be caused by an accident, or medical condition.

Occlusion – Occlusion refers to the rows of teeth on the upper and lower jaws coming together when a person bites down. If someone’s bite is not healthy, they are suffering from malocclusion.

Overjet – An overjet is a malocclusion (bite orientation) that occurs when the maxillary central incisors protrude beyond the mandibular central incisors. Sometimes referred to as “buck teeth” by patients.

Storage Modulus – The storage modulus is the measure of a material’s elasticity, which determines how well it can be stored. This is important for dental composite resins as they need to maintain their shape and structure.

Vacuum Formed Mouthguard – A vacuum-formed mouthguard is fitted to an individual patient by molding the mouthguard to perfectly match their teeth.

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