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Is Sedation Dentistry Safe? 4 Vital Questions You Need To Ask Your Dentist!

Dentist explaining sedation process to a patient

Although people may think being sedated during a dental visit could be dangerous, they couldn’t be more wrong. A common misunderstanding that fuels anxiety around sedation dentistry is the belief that it’s like anesthesia before surgery. For most patients, it’s more like taking a prescription sedative.

The dentist’s chair is a common source of anxiety for many people. Some dentists have started offering sedation dentistry to ease their patients’ minds. However, how much do we truly know about sedation dentistry? Is it risk-free?

Yes! If your child is especially scared of the dentist or has difficulty sitting still for long periods. In that case, our team at True Dental Care Of Bloomfield offers sedation services to help make their experience more comfortable.

Many parents tend to feel uneasy about sedating their children. Don’t worry! Our team of dentists at True Dental Care Of Bloomfield is always happy to talk with patients and answer any questions they may have about sedation. Most people, children included, find it to be a safe and comfortable experience.

1. What Are The Types and Levels Of Dental Sedation?

There are a few different ways to administer dental sedation, and the method used depends on several factors, including the patient’s needs, the type of dental work required, and the anticipated length of the procedure.

Here are the types of sedation:

  • When we discuss sedation dentistry, oral conscious sedation is typically what we mean by treatment that engages a relaxed, half-awake state. Though sedated, patients can still follow the dentist’s directions and are not unconscious. Because you will be given conscious sedation for your appointment, it is not possible to drive yourself home afterward. Please make sure to have someone available who can take you home from the appointment.
  • If you seek shorter or less intense sedation, nitrous oxide might be the best option for you, as its effects don’t linger. Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, is a gas that is administered through a breathing mask or tube. It is customized to each patient’s needs and can help them relax during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide sedation doesn’t make patients fall asleep, and they can often drive or resume work activities afterward.
  • IV sedation is administering a sedative drug intravenously to calm patients during medical procedures.

While deep sedation uses medication to make the patient unconscious, different medications are administered during general anesthesia.

The following are the levels of sedation:

  • Minimal sedation keeps the patient relaxed, but they are still aware of their surroundings and able to respond.
  • Moderate sedation or conscious sedation will put the patient in a deeper state of relaxation, where they might slur their words and not remember the procedure.
  • Deep sedation puts the patient asleep but can be woken at any time.
  • General anesthesia will render you unconscious for the duration of the surgery.

2. What Are The Things You Should Do Before Getting Sedation Dentistry?

  • Before undergoing a dental procedure that will use sedation, ensure that your dentist is qualified to administer the type of sedation you’ll be receiving. This way, you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands.
  • Furthermore, you ought to confirm with your dentist that sedation is ideal for you by going over your medical history together. If you’re considering sedation, factor in your age and health, and be sure to consult your doctor about possible drug interactions.
  • Make sure to ask your dentist if the amount of sedation they use is FDA-approved.
  • After you arrive at the medical facility, a staff member will give you a form to fill out that gives us your consent for sedation. Please take care when filling out this form; if anything is unclear, do not hesitate to ask for help.

3. Who is Eligible for Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry can be used on people of all ages, from the elderly to children. Patients who have anxiety about going to the dentist aren’t the only ones utilizing sedation dentistry. Similarly, patients who need an extensive amount of dental work, have a low pain threshold, gag easily, or have sensitive teeth will most likely require and possibly prefer, sedation during their procedure.

Although dental sedation is typically safe for healthy patients, some people may have a higher risk of developing complications. The following are those most at risk for dental sedation:

  • People suffering from lung conditions
  • People with disorders that cause bleeding
  • Women who are pregnant
  • People who take certain medications
  • People with cardiovascular conditions

To discern whether dental sedation is right for you, your dentist will ask about your medical history and any medications you are currently taking. Depending on your level of anxiety, our specialist may recommend one type of sedation over another.

4. Is Sedation Dentistry Safe? How Safe is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is safe as long as it’s administered by a qualified dental professional. Sedation is a safe and effective way to ease your anxiety during dental treatment. We constantly check your heart rate, blood pressure, and other important factors to ensure that sedation is safe for the duration of the procedure.

As a rule of thumb, sedation dentistry is very safe! Although anesthesia is safe for most people, there is always a small risk associated with its use. Don’t fret! This is a tried and tested method. Our qualified dentists will monitor your vital signs throughout the procedure and they have oxygen and drugs that reverse the sedation hand at the end of the procedure and in case of any unforeseen events.

Final Thoughts

At True Dental Care of Bloomfield, we provide the best sedation dentistry in Bloomfield NJ available thanks to our unparalleled team of experts and exemplary care. As soon as you walk into our office, you will feel at ease due to our caring staff and their comforting approach. Why choose us? We always aim to deliver the best possible care for you and your loved ones!

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