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Frenectomy And Tongue Tie Procedure Bloomfield NJ

Frenectomy procedure at True Dental Care, Bloomfield NJ

Frenectomy And Tongue Tie Procedure: End Your Child's Struggles

If your child is struggling with feeding, they may require a tongue-tie procedure. Also called a frenectomy, this simple procedure can have a big impact on your child’s ability to eat and speak.

During a frenectomy, a small piece of tissue is removed from the floor of the mouth or the tongue. This tissue, called the frenulum, can sometimes restrict movement and cause problems with feeding. The procedure is relatively quick, and recovery is usually straightforward.

There are many reasons to consider a tongue-tie procedure for your child. If your child is having difficulty breastfeeding, a frenectomy can help improve latching and increase milk transfer. Tongue ties can also cause issues with solid food consumption, leading to picky eating habits and possibly contributing to speech problems. Fortunately, a frenectomy can help improve articulation and make it easier for your child to produce certain sounds.

If you’re considering a tongue-tie procedure for your child, it’s important to find an experienced practitioner who can provide personalized care. Dr. Mila Cohen is a board-certified pediatric dentist who specializes in frenectomies. She has helped countless children improve their feeding and speech outcomes with this simple procedure. Contact True Dental Care Of Bloomfield today to learn more about how we can help your family.

Say Goodbye To Tongue Ties In Bloomfield NJ

A frenum is a term for thick tissue that secures an organ to nearby tissues; sometimes limiting movement. An overactive or tight frenum can be both visually unappealing and functionally impairing, as it may prevent the mouth from opening properly. When your mouth doesn’t close properly, it causes problems with chewing and speaking, as well as unattractive gaps in your smile.

What Is A Frenectomy? What To Expect?

A frenectomy is a medical procedure used to treat speech, digestion, airway, and periodontal issues in patients of all ages. It can also help improve spacing between teeth (orthodontic) in some cases. Moreover, a frenectomy is an outpatient procedure that carries little risk and is usually immediately successful.

When Should I Schedule A Frenectomy For My Child?

If you have difficulty breastfeeding or bottle feeding your infant, they may need a frenectomy. Generally, when kids start to toddle around, they have a more difficult time speaking correctly because they can’t extend their tongues as other children can. In rarer cases, it may even cause trouble swallowing.

During a consultation, our doctor will review symptoms with every infant or child in detail. If you are concerned that your child may need a frenectomy, please get in touch with our offices for more information.

Post frenectomy healing in Bloomfield NJ

Fixing Issues With A Frenectomy

The surgical removal of tissue connecting the tongue, called a frenectomy, can help with many common issues that plague young children and toddlers, like:

  • Is the child not latching? Breastfeeding getting tough? A frenectomy helps to locate an infant’s mouth and tongue in the right place for breastfeeding. This enables them to feed comfortably without pain.
  • Children with feeding issues. A frenectomy is a common procedure that can help improve a child’s ability to eat and function overall.
  • Respiratory/airway difficulties. If the tongue is restricted, it can cause a lowered posture, which then alters palate development and growth of the lower jaw. These changes can result in a smaller airway that’s more likely to collapse during sleep.

Having trouble speaking? Removing restrictions on the tongue and lips makes it easier and more natural for children to speak.

Fixing Issues With A Frenectomy

Labial frenectomy (upper lip):

A labial frenectomy is the removal of the frenum attaching the upper lip to the upper jaw. This procedure is most often performed on children as their teeth and gums develop.

Lingual Frenectomy:

The lingual frenum is the thin string of tissue located under the tongue that usually limits how far the tongue can go. In most people, however, there is enough give in this tissue to allow a full range of motion for activities such as talking and eating.

Labial frenectomy (lower lip):

A lower lip frenectomy is usually performed for the same reasons as an upper lip frenectomy: to stop gum recession and periodontal problems.

Are You Considering Frenectomy Surgery?

A frenectomy surgery can be done in multiple ways, but we prefer to use a carbon dioxide laser in our office because it is less painful and has a shorter recovery time. Some immediate benefits a patient may experience after a frenectomy include increased precision and control. This procedure is done by numbing the area with topical anesthetic and/or local anesthetic. Just a few minutes is all it takes.

The Frenectomy Procedure and Aftercare: A Comprehensive Guide

First, it is generally recommended that parents stretch the affected area for three weeks to allow for proper healing. Don’t worry; we’ll provide you with step-by-step directions to practice these stretches. 

For the first several days post-procedure, your child may find relief in Tylenol or Motrin. However, you will have follow-up visits one week and three weeks after the procedure. Alternatively, you may also have a Zoom call with our doctor to review healing and stretches a few days later.

We anticipate approximately 50% of the healing to happen in the initial week, with an additional 40% taking place over the next two weeks. The follow-up three weeks later should reveal that the site is 90% healed. After the procedure, you will be given directions on how to care for and cleanse the area properly.

Final Thoughts: Creating a Comfortable Dental Experience for Kids

At True Dental Care Of Bloomfield, we know that parents want the best possible care for their children. We specialize in providing high-quality dental care to kids of all ages—because we’re parents too. We know how hectic life can be, especially for families. That’s why we offer a streamlined dental experience that simplifies dental visits. Find out more about what we do or schedule an appointment now.

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