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Dr. Mila Cohen

Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Mila Cohen

Pediatric Dentist
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Dr. Mila Cohen of True Dental Care graduated from NYU with a BA; majoring in Sociology with minors in Biology and Chemistry. Dr. Mila followed this with a doctorate degree from the NYU College of Dentistry. She then completed specialty training for pediatric dentistry at a hospital in Brooklyn where she was the chief resident. Dr. Mila believes that knowledge and understanding are the best remedies for fear when it comes to dental visits. She has dedicated herself to building trust with her patients and providing them with lifelong healthy habits for oral care – something which brings her great joy!

As a parent herself, Dr. Mila understands the importance of choosing the right dentistry center for your child and she considers it a privilege and an honor to deliver dental care to kids of all ages. Outside the office, Dr. Mila enjoys spending quality time with her husband and kids, going on hikes, bike rides, and camping.

Additionally, Dr. Mila founded True Dental Assistant School in Jersey City NJ as an opportunity to offer educational opportunities to students who may not otherwise have access to education and training to be dental assistants. The school opened its doors in Jersey City, NJ in September 2021.

As far as movies go, The Gladiator is favored by all members while pizza and pasta are top choices when it comes to cuisine. Skiing has become a family favorite activity, and they also love camping at different state parks and visiting Hamilton Park in Jersey City for ice cream, picnics, or dining out at local restaurants. Drs. Mila & Dan are raising their three children in New Jersey’s suburbs – there is a lot of pink and glitter around the house as their son is under a year old! Their eldest daughter is in second grade and their younger daughter is in Pre-K. The family currently has three pet fish named Ben, Garcia & Nirvana (or Princess Glitter Sparkles depending on who you ask).


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