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7 Tips On How To Care For Your Teeth During The Holidays

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We know that holidays are a great time of year to be surrounded by the people you love and opportunities to create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s easy to forget that life outside of the holidays doesn’t stop. Despite all the holiday festivities, remember to take care of your teeth! Unfortunately, many popular foods can be tough on your teeth, and they are several holiday activities that can damage them.

We understand that the last thing you want is an emergency dental appointment for a cracked tooth, so our dentists at True Dental Care Of Bloomfield have provided their best holiday tooth care tips below.

1. Skip The Hard Foods and Sweet & Sticky Candies

This might be one of the most difficult goals on this list, but we believe in you! Although hard candies and chewy foods may seem like holiday staples, it is best to be aware of the risks they pose.

Items such as candy canes, butterscotch candies, and lollipops pose a primary threat to your oral health if you attempt to chew on them. Much like ice cubes, chewing on hard candies can lead to cracked or chipped teeth. Not only are these problems costly to fix, but they’re also very painful.

Dental problems are stressful enough, but they can be doubly threatening when you’re on vacation and away from your usual dentist. Having to spend a lot of money on a new family dentist or being in pain during the holidays are two things you might have to choose between.

Although not as immediately dangerous as hard candy, sticky or chewy candy can still cause harm. The sticky, sugary nature of these candies makes them adhere to teeth and act as a food source for the bacteria that cause tooth decay. We’ve all heard horror stories about people losing their fillings to sticky candy, but caramels are particularly notorious for this.

2. Your Teeth To Shell Nuts Is Not Recommended.

Using your teeth to crack nutshells is more difficult than it looks. Don’t try this at home! If it goes wrong, you could crack your teeth and end up with an expensive dental bill.

3. Be Careful With What You Drink

The holiday season means an influx of holiday parties, family gatherings, Christmas markets, and other events where alcohol is served. Although we always suggest enjoying alcohol responsibly, it’s more crucial from a dental standpoint to understand which drinks are particularly damaging to your teeth.

If you’re a fan of red wine, be warned that it can cause teeth staining. Red wine contains pigments that will likely leave your teeth looking stained. Luckily, drinking water while consuming red wine will reduce the possibility of permanent staining. Moreover, brushing your teeth immediately after drinking red wine can prevent staining.

Although white wine won’t stain your teeth, it contains more sugar than red. Therefore, imbibing should be done in moderation, as too much can lead to the same problems associated with overconsuming candy or soda.

If you are looking for an alcoholic drink that won’t damage your teeth, vodka is the best choice, as it doesn’t contain sugars or other ingredients that can cause tooth staining. We know that alcohol is acidic, which means it can damage your tooth enamel. Therefore, to protect your teeth, make sure you also eat foods that are good for your teeth!

4. Eat Veggies, Cheese, and Turkey

Not only are veggies excellent for your overall health, but did you know that they’re also fantastic for dental hygiene? The high fiber content of celery means that you have to chew it more, and the increased saliva production will clean your teeth! Not only are broccoli and carrots full of vitamin A, but this essential nutrient also helps to strengthen your tooth enamel.

Both cheese and turkey are excellent foods for maintaining healthy teeth. Not only is the calcium in cheese great for your bones and teeth, but it also helps to maintain a healthy pH balance in your body.

Cheese can also help to restore the pH balance of your mouth and protect your enamel from erosion if you consume alcohol at a party.

Turkey is also high in phosphorus and protein, which makes it ideal for strengthening your teeth while you sleep off the post-Thanksgiving fatigue!

5. Stay Healthy And Hydrated With Water!

Did you know that water has multiple benefits for your health? It’s not only good for your skin and digestive system, but it can also improve the condition of your teeth! It can help prevent cavities by washing away fresh bacteria. This holiday season, keep your teeth and gums healthy by always carrying a water bottle with you during mealtimes.

6. Resist The Urge To Use Your Teeth For Opening Packages

Instead of using your teeth, use scissors or a box cutter. Just as you shouldn’t use your teeth to open nutshells, doing the same with presents can end up damaging them. To avoid damaging your teeth, never slice ribbons or tape with them.

7. Keep An Extra Teeth-Cleaning Kit: Maintain Your Dental Health Routine

Doing the same things you normally do during a regular week will help, like brushing your teeth twice a day with the best toothpaste, using mouthwash when appropriate, and following all of the other routine suggestions from your dentist. Yes, it’s not the most fun-filled task, but keeping up with your oral health will ensure your smile is bright and healthy for holiday gatherings!

Bottomline: True Dental Care Of Bloomfield Is Here To Help You This Holiday Season!

The holidays are a time of giving and spending time with loved ones. If you’re finding yourself in a tough spot this holiday season, don’t worry – True Dental Care is here to help! We want to make sure that everyone has access to the quality dental care they deserve. Don’t let the stress of the holidays get you down – Let us take care of everything for you!

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